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    5th Round Pick 173 2021 NFL Draft Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida

    Massive man with evenly distributed body weight that will have him pegged as a nose in either even or odd fronts. While the traits say run-plugger, the tape does not. He doesn't control the point of attack with power and frequently gave ground to double teams and angle blocks. He has the power to handle single blocks and might be able to strengthen the anchor if his bend and leverage can be improved. He's a try-hard rusher whose athleticism creates more pressure than expected. He has late-round value and might become a developmental prospect on a practice squad.


    Outstanding size with adequate athletic talent for a big.
    Weight is evenly distributed throughout frame.
    Explosive first step into contact.
    Power to drive center into the backfield.
    Keeps moving and tracking toward the ball.
    Able to work himself free of block sustains.
    Quick release from block to tacklers near his gap.
    Shows ability to work a rush plan.
    Strong club arm and drive power for pocket push.


    Weight has been an issue in past and needs to be monitored.
    Has had issues with inconsistent motor.
    Way too upright against the double team.
    Stack-and-shed game not very twitchy.
    Fails to control point of attack.
    Below-average feel and fight-back against angle blocks.
    Narrow base slows lateral slides against cutoffs.

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    Massive human

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    I think we have Gilbert Brown 2.0 on our hands cause one of the things they keep saying about him is he struggles with weight.

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    He is a massive monster and thatís what we need on that run defense. Weight can be monitored Iím sure.

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    Great selection will be a presence we lacked last year should be great with this group we have. I'd give them an A- for this one. Good value to get him here. Really and ideal front 3 guy in a 3-4. Needs some developing though.

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    The scouting report doesnt make him sound like a real good fit in a 2 gap scheme. Late round pick, so hes a developmental prospect. Depth and rotational guy. I wouldnt expect much more.

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