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    3rd Round 85 Pick 2021 NFL Draft Amari Rodgers WR Clemson

    Compact slot target who thrived at Clemson with his ability to create chunk plays out of short catch-and-runs and take the top off defenses with his speed. Rodgers has a running back's stout lower body, providing power and balance to break tackles and rumble through contact with the ball in his hands. His ball skills are pretty good, but he can go from magnificent catch to focus drop in a single drive. Rodgers uses speed alterations inside the route and a sudden burst to top speed to create deep separation from coverage. He's not as effective at separating underneath against tight man coverage and will need to prove himself in that regard.


    Very strong, with compact body type.
    Came back from ACL tear in 166 days, exemplifying work ethic.
    Sets up cornerbacks with clever alterations of route speed.
    Can get to top speed very quickly.
    Plus ball-tracking and focus to catch the 50-50 ball.
    Second gear to chase down the deep ball.
    Natural footwork in adjusting to off-target tosses.
    Stabs it out of air with sudden hands.
    Able to slip or break first tackle after catch.
    Pull-away speed in the open field.
    Capable of handling punt return duties.
    Competitive nature is above average.


    Needs to prove he can deal with NFL press.
    Inconsistent early vertical push off the snap.
    Has a tendency to rush through route fakes.
    Average foot agility getting in and out of breaks.
    Shorter arms with some tightness in upper body.
    Loss of catch concentration at times in 2018 and 2020.
    Needs to keep working to find softest spots in zone for quarterback.

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    Love it

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    I love this pick. A+ from me. I was really circling this guy. He's not just a gadget like some of these guys. He can play a true slot. He adds to the return game. He can be slotted in several spots. Though small, he's got good size at 211. Also prior to the draft he spoke of wanting to be here. Hard worker. Great footwork. Comes from a great system that has been great at developing WR's. Really hard to knock this draft haul so far. A few things need to be tweeked, but he gives us a type we haven't had since Cobb.

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    Well itís a WR. At this point we canít be mad...

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    love all 3 picks... sucks it happens when rodgers finally wants out.

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    Rodgers doesnít want out. Heís just playing the game. Heís trying to force the packers to draft him some help and get him the new contract he wants. If he does indeed want out then ****** him he can kick rocks.

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    this question has nothing to do about the player but rather the chart of value used to to trade up and back in the draft. usually a late round move up in the 1st round a few spots costs you your 1 st round and a 4th round pick. when we traded yesterday in the 3rd round a few picks it still cost a 4th round pick. should the value have been a 5th? was it an overspend? i know we had an additional 4th rounder and that late it's a crap shoot so in a sense the cost was negligible.

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    I just found out that Amari's dad is Former NFL QB and current Ravens WR Coach Tee Martin.

    Matt Schneidman

    Randall Cobb called Amari Rodgers shortly after the Packers drafted him. Cobb has been a mentor for Rodgers dating back to when Tee Martin, Rodgers' dad, coached Cobb at Kentucky. Cobb was then with Aaron Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby today. Maybe he put in a good word.

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