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    2nd Round Pick 62 2021 NFL Draft Josh Myers C OSU

    Future starting center with proportionally broad frame and good lean mass. Myers is battle-tested and has experience in most run-blocking schemes. He's functional working into lateral positioning but is at his best on double teams and working up to linebackers to free the Buckeyes' interior rushing attack. He's not a natural bender and has trouble with contact balance when allowing defenders to get up under his pads. His size works to his advantage against power rushers but protection will become a little leaky when asked to slide and mirror against athletic edge attacks. Myers is solid but unspectacular with the talent to become an early starter.


    Broad and wide with proportional physique.
    Mass to match with run-stuffing zero-techniques.
    Makes the calls up front.
    Processes moving fronts and adjusts work accordingly.
    Stays active after contact, looking to improve positioning.
    Slides feet/hips around defender to seal run lane.
    Maintains eye contact with climb-up targets on second level.
    Musters quality pop when throwing punch.
    Ankle flexion for adequate anchor versus bull rushers.
    Widens out broad frame to protect A-gaps.


    Allows defenders' hands into his frame too often.
    Plays too straight-legged into block engagement.
    Feet are more choppy than drive-oriented through contact.
    Average success rate as outside zone blocker.
    Inconsistent use of hands to help capture lateral positioning.
    Needs to maintain better posture in pass sets.
    Hands got washed away by active, well-schooled opponents.
    Will need to punch and reset to prevent rush leakage at his edge.
    Slow reaction time to recover and redirect.

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    Solid pick. It was a need. Glad itís addressed ..... wish we wouldíve moved up to grab a DL or Wr

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    I think Myers is going to be a stud in this system. Great fit for the scheme. It may not be sexy, but they get a guy who can help plug where Linsley left. Probably an instant starter. The OL group really only had one major question who the center was. Any other pick would depth for OL guys. I love this pick. May not be popular to take a center, but I think he will do well here. He knows how to play in pressure. A few things that needs to be tweeked in his game, but solid pick overall.

    Two picks and two guys who will see the field quite a bit season. I give this move B+ to A-.

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