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    2021: Passing the First Post

    Kinda crazy. Back when I first started around here you couldn't check in here every couple of hours without falling behind. Now it's every few months and you're still in the game. Times have changed...

    Just a quick review of the offseason moves as we head into the month of May. There were tons of "value" moves (budget signings) and "future value" moves (ridiculous number of PTBNL trades this offseason). How is that working out? Here's a run down of some of the moves made and, where possible, comparison to the alternatives.

    Kike Hernandez vs Marcus Semien
    They signed for the same money and initially with the same position in mind. Semien is .220/.294/.385 with 5HR and 10RBI. Hernandez is pretty similar at .240/.282/.417 with 3HR and 8RBI. The positional versatility and clubhouse presence of Hernandez are a plus. So far it seems like a decent decision but the "Kike for Leadoff" campaign needs to end soon.

    Franchy Cordero and John Winchowski (and PTBNL) for Andrew Benintendi
    Benintendi still looks lost at the plate... but Cordero can't even find the plate. The comparison between Cordero and would-be slugger Wily Mo Pena was roundly refuted but with 25K in 51PA? Yeah, might be more apt than not. There's time to right the ship but Winchowski and the PTBNL might have to make up heavily for what Cordero is not.

    Garrett Richards vs Jon Lester / Jake Ordorizzi
    If Dave Bush has truly unlocked the repeatable delivery of Richards and refashioned him into the 2014 version (13-4, 2.61era) then this could be a big win. Lester has yet to pitch this season and Odorizzi is still striking people out (11K/8IP) but not much else (0-2, 10.13era). The latter was the only Astros starter without a win before hitting the IL. With the exception of Tuesday night's start, Richards is hardly dominating but one year deal (plus an option), Richards already looks like the right signing among the alternatives reportedly considered.

    Adam Ottavino and Frank German (minors) vs Cash
    The moved helped the Yankees stay under the CBT but otherwise it hasn't helped them. For the Sox, however, things are trending in the right direction. Ottavino is settling into the 8th inning role and doing well there (.136/.289/.182 against, 9K/6.2IP). The Sox place in the standings to date may be a surprise but Ottavino's contribution to them has not.

    Matt Andriese
    An early Chaim Bloom offseason signing. He looked poor in his first two appearances (4IP, 6H, 2ER, 1 inherited runner scored) but he's been Cora's bullpen binkie ever since (.179/.250/.214, 8.2IP, 7K, 0BB, 0ER). The main question seems whether or not he will hold up to Cora's heavy use. He's a bargain at $1.85M and seems to have a long term impact on the club thanks to his part teaching his changeup to...

    Garrett Whitlock vs Cash
    Not many claimants with the Rule V lottery but the Sox clearly did with Whitlock. Hell, they've already out-earned the $50K check they had to send to the Yankees for the chance at his lottery ticket. Definitely looks like a post-TJ gamble worth the risk at this point.

    Bonus Edition: Nick Pivetta and Connor Seabold vs Brandon Workman and Heath Hembree
    Clearly, the Phillies were desperate for bullpen help. Unfortunately for them, neither Workman (1-4, 6.92ERA, 2.462whip) nor Hembree (1-0, 12.54era 2.357whip) provided it. Meanwhile, Dave Bush seems to be working some magic with Nick Pivetta. He's not the most efficient pitcher but it's hard to argue with 5-0, 2.52era, 38k/35.2IP in a Sox uniform. Seabold hasn't made it away from the alternate site but word is that his fastball is up to 95 (from 91-93) and he's learning a curve to complement his fastball/slider combo.

    It's not all peaches and cream. While the Arroyo pickup from the end of last season is paying dividends this year and Danny Santana could be a sneaky good deal if he rehabs and finds his stroke, Marwin Gonzalez and Hunter Renfroe are largely laying eggs in expanded roles. Martin Perez is exactly what he has always been: a AAAA pitcher with a league-worst ERA. Hopefully Sale can come back soon enough that Perez is a non-factor on the trajectory of the season.

    Bloom has not been flashy but he seems to have been effective... at least for a 25-game season. With any luck, the depth pieces he picked up or protected on the cheap reinforce the good start.

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    Just to vent but jd Martinez is washed up. He needs to go

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    This team sucks. I've been saying it for years but they do the same **** every time. They could have a 10 game lead and they'll blow it every time. Yanks get rizzo and gallo and we get an injured shwarber.

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