(Let me preface this post by saying I've had a few days off and a lot of time on my hands so excuse the long post.)

We've all seen the recent rumors popping up from Jeremy Fowler, Dan Graziano and others that Washington is interested in moving up inside the top 10 for a non- quarterback. Now this could mean they love Penei Sewell, Rashawn Slater, Micah Parsons, Patrick Surtain and think one of them could fall or more likely it's a smokescreen to move up for a QB. I'd like to quote the great Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy fame and simply say, " No Sir. I don't like it!"

Riverboat has made it clear that he wants to build the roster for and future qb. "If you put all the other pieces into place and now you start going forward when that guy does show up, when that guy is in the right position, you can grab him," Rivera said.

Washington's roster as it stands is good, but not great. We have some glaring holes at LT, TE, LB, and we could use depth at WR, DE and in the secondary. I believe trading up prevents us from filling these holes and directly conflicts with Rivera's vision.

Why bring a young developmental QB (Lance or Fields) into an already crowded QB room. I could see if we just had Fitzpatrick, but we signed Heineke(28), we drafted Steven Montez (23) last year and Ron obviously likes Kyle Allen(25). Why not give those reps to these young guys so we can see what we have?

Additionally, we would likely have to give up early picks this year and next to move up. I see this as a handicap that puts the QB in a bad position to develop and doesn't allow us to address needs. I think the move is to trade back, gather picks this year and next. This way we can fill holes and use accumulated future picks to move up to get someone next year.

The Experiment:
I ran a bunch of Trade simulations on the PFN MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR. Here are 11 of the most common trade back scenarios I came across (I know PFN isn't the end all be all, but its a springboard).
Tell me what you think... (Keep in mind, picks in 2021 could be replaced with 2022 if we want more flexibility next year)
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Bills Received:
First Round: Pick 19

WFT Received:
First Round: Pick 30
Second Round: Pick 61 (this could be a 1st or 2nd next year instead)
2022 BUF 4th round Pick (this is the trade I was offered, but I doubt we get this much)

Why it makes sense for them?
According to what I've read the Bills could be looking to grab a RB. If they love Najee Harris or Travis Etienne they may have to hop the Steelers and possibly the Jets to grab their guy. They could use EDGE, CB, or OL as well so Alijah Vera-Tucker, Patrick Surtain II, Jaycee Horn, Greg Newsome II, Caleb Farley, Jaelan Phillips or Kwity Paye falling might draw them up.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Chargers Received:
First Round: Pick 19

WFT Received:
Second Round: Pick 47
Third Round: Pick 77
Third Round: Pick 97
2022 LAC 2nd
2022 LAC 5th

Why it makes sense for them?
The Chargers are in desperate need of a LT help so they might be willing to move for Christian Darrisaw. I understand it for them, but we have the same need. Its a pretty good return so I think we would have to consider it. AVT a corner or one of the top WRs falling could also be in play for them.
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Ravens Received:
First Round: Pick 19 - Azeez Ojulari
Seventh Round: Pick 246

WFT Received:
First Round: Pick 27
2022 BAL 2nd

Why it makes sense for them?
Baltimore's roster is pretty stacked, but they have a few glairing holes. They need to find replacements for the loses of Matt Judon, Yannick Ngakoue and Orlando Brown. With two major needs they may be willing to move up to secure the top pass rusher or right tackle, then use pick #31 to grab the other. I'm sure they'd be thrilled with Phillips (EDGE) at #19 and Jenkins (RT) with #31.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Green Bay Received:
First Round: Pick 19
Seventh Round: Pick 246

WFT Received:
First Pick: Pick 29
Second Round: Pick 62

Why it makes sense for them?
I doubt Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith be available here, but if they are you better believe GB will dive through their Zoom to grab a weapon like this for Aaron Rodgers (or Jordan Love). AVT, Horn/Surtain or Christian Barmore would seriously bolster the roster too.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Titans Received:
First Round: Pick 19

WFT Received:
First Pick: Pick 22
2022 TEN 4th

Why it makes sense for them?
Yet another team that would like AVT, a RT, or corner here. A solid roster, might want to jump up a couple of spots to get their guy.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Bears Received:
First Round: Pick 19
Fourth Round: Pick 124

WFT Received:
First Pick: Pick 20
2022 CHI 2nd

Why it makes sense for them?
I'm not a Mac Jones fan. If the Niners are throwing up smoke screens I could see him falling. Tell me this isn't a possibility (even if it's unlikely):
1.Trevor Lawrence
2.Zach Wilson
3.Justin Fields
4.Kyle Pitts
5.Ja'Marr Chase
6.Penei Sewell
7.Jaylen Waddle
8.Rashawn Slater
9.Micah Parsons
10.Patrick Surtain II
11.Kwity Paye
12.DeVonta Smith
13.Christian Darrisaw
14.Alijah Vera-Tucker
15.Trey Lance
16.Jaycee Horn
17.Tevin Jenkins
18.Greg Newsome II

I'd take a 2nd rounder next year to move back one pick. Let the Bears ruin Mac Jones' career while we use our 1st and two 2nd rounders to get our QB next season.
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Patriots Received:
First Round: Pick 19

WFT Received:
Second Round: Pick 46
Third Round: Pick 96
Fourth Round: Pick 139
2022 NE 2nd

Why it makes sense for them?
Belichick gets his QB with #15, then moves up to grab a receiver at #19.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Giants Received:
First Round: Pick 19

WFT Received:
Second Round: Pick 42
Third Round: Pick 76
2022 NYG 2nd

Why it makes sense for them?
A stud edge rusher could be a huge difference-maker for Joe Judge's defense. Waddle or Smith could be too good to pass up on if they fall to #11. Maybe Kwity Paye and Jaelan Phillips are worthy of jumping back up into the first?

__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Broncos Received:
First Round: Pick 19
Fourth Round: Pick 124

WFT Received:
Second Round: Pick 40
Third Round: Pick 71
2022 DEN 2nd
2022 DEN 3rd

Why it makes sense for them?
If they grab a QB they could hop back into the first for Micah Parsons, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Christian Darrisaw, orAlijah Vera-Tucker.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Browns Received:
First Round: Pick 19
Fourth Round: Pick 163

WFT Received:
Pick 26
Pick 59

Why it makes sense for them?
They're ready to make a run. Their biggest needs are EDGE, CB, LB, DT, OL. They can draft a young pass rusher to develop or one of the top LBs who won't be there later in the first.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Tampa Bay Received:
First Round: Pick 19
Fourth Round: Pick 163

WFT Received:
Pick 32
Pick 64
2022 TB 3rd

Why it makes sense for them?
Tom Brady and the boys are re-signed and ready to run it back. With one of the most deep, stacked rosters I've ever seen, I don't know if they have any real needs. What's the point in drafting 8 players who might not make the final roster. Trade up and get a guy who can get on the field and help you win right away.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Why moving back makes sense for us?
I believe #19 is the worst possible position to be in based on our needs. Our biggest needs are QB, LT, WR, TE & LB. The top QBs will be off the board by #19 and I'm not interested in Mac Jones. The top 3 WRs should be gone by our pick and I think the others available are a reach. There is only one TE worth a first rounder. Unless Darrisaw drops I don't see a LT we can't grab at #19 that we can't grab at #40. JOK is a LB/S hybrid, isn't that what we're asking Landon Collins to do? With that being said, if Parson isn't there we can move back and grab Zaven Collins, Jamin Davis, Baron Browning, Jabril Cox, Nick Bolton, Pete Werner, Dylan Moses ect. in the late 1st or 2nd.

If I had it my way I'm taking trade #1. I'm drafting:
30: Zaven Collins/ Jamin Davis LB
51: Dillon Radunz LT/ Or best LT available
61: Davis Mills QB ( We could ignore QB all together and go with DE or one of the needs below)
74: Tommy Tremble TE/ or best TE available
82: Jevon Holland S-DB/ Paulson Adebo CB
124: Benjamin St-Juste CB/ Israel Mukuamu S-DB
163: Jacob Harris WR/ Simi Fehoko WR
246: Mike Strachan WR/ Tamorrion Terry WR/ Trevon Grimes WR
258: Kylin Hill RB/ Ben Mason FB/HB/TE
2022 BUF Mid Round Pick

Here are some other mid to late round guys I like:

  • Nate Hobbs - DB
  • Marco Wilson -DB
  • Brandin Echols - DB
  • Mark Gilbert - DB
  • Jonathon Cooper - DE
  • Josh Kaindoh - DE
  • Janarius Robinson - DE
  • Shaka Toney - DE/LB
  • Baron Browning - LB
  • Pete Werner - LB
  • Patrick Johnson - LB
  • Buddy Johnson - LB
  • Anthony Hines - LB
  • Derrick Barnes - LB
  • Spencer Brown - OL
  • Stone Forsyth - OL
  • Walker Little - OL
  • Jackson Carman - OL
  • Chris Evans - HB
  • Trey Sermon - HB
  • Richie Grant - S
  • Darrick Forrest - S
  • Damar Hamlin - S
  • Noah Gray - TE
  • Kyle Granson - TE
  • Brock Wright - TE
  • Nico Collins - WR
  • TJ Vasher - WR

My Jerry Springer style Final Thought: Trading back allows us to fill our needs while giving us the ability to make a move for a veteran QB (Rodgers, Wilson, Watson) or trade up next year to add a solid prospect to a complete roster.

What do you guys think? What trade would be most likely and what would you like to see?