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    Quote Originally Posted by ewing View Post
    He's a POS. You know who else is acting like a POS? Kevin Love. retiree if you donít want to compete. Boo hoo my teams not good

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    Completely agree, he sees what Blake, Drummond, Aldridge, JR, and Kevin Porter Jr did and is trying to replicate it, so lame.

    One would have to think its a bit on the Cavs too though, if its happened this many times.

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    I wouldnít put Porter in the same breath. They didnít play him much and he acted like a 20 year old jerk. Not sure about Drummond but the rest just quit on their team. Add Iguadala to the list. He basically refused to play and got rewarded not only by getting paid to stay home because he was such an *** but also he got extra money AND a trade to a contender.

    Iím just not a fan of buy outs, especially when a guy can still keep loads of money and get out of multiple years just by acting like an *******. When teams reward this behavior then no **** other players will follow suit. Pro-rate it with the player giving back the money from future games missed and if someone is such an ******* that they wonít show up without having that ***** Iguadala mentality, then have them sent home without pay.

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