Apparently the mother of the young man who killed eight people at FedEx had notified police of his intention to commit suicide by police in March of 2020. He was taken into custody for mental evaluation and a shotgun removed from his possession.

Why is an individual like this able to purchase a military grade rifle and use it to kill innocent people about 24 hours later? How do gun rights nuts defend the lack of a system to keep people like this from making the purchase?

Four Sikh people were killed in the attack but it appears to be random. They were probably preparing to have lunch together. Well a meal, anyway. Two young girls were killed along with a couple of men my age, so there is no initial evidence that this was racially motivated at this point.

American has 5% of the world's population but accounts for 30% of mass shootings. Anyone see a problem with that math? One might guess it is the availability of weapons.