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Dude, I don't know how much more direct I can be. You're claiming I don't read the sources but your sources state the underlying assumption that more guns = more deaths which is why you ended up quoting that specific excerpt. Other sources point to stricter gun control laws which I've already agreed with... why do I need to mention it when I've stated it many times already?

Do you support a federal gun ban? Yes or no.

If you don't but want improved restrictions, I've already stated that I am in favor of that. Multiple times through multiple posts.

If you support a federal gun ban, meaning, no more legal ownership of guns, I am sorry but I don't support that.

Infantile platitudes? Yeah, I'm sorry I have to use them but it's because you're forcing me to repeat myself contentiously.

$1,000 to your paypal right now when you find me explicitly denying that more guns equal more deaths. You know, valade. Life lesson (and I am 100% positive you are older than me so I don't even want to say it), it's entirely possible for two people to agree on the root causes of something while disagreeing with the solution to best fix it. Your constant need to be correct when I've made many attempts to illustrate to you that it's okay for us to agree while disagreeing is something you need to work on, respectfully. And I vividly remember you admitting to your stubbornness months ago. Let's stop acting like that isn't coming to play here.
First Bolded: My sources point to stricter gun control laws. Again, it's obvious you haven't read them or you'd know that. I posted the highlights of the articles, but that was by no means all they said. I can post those if you're too lazy to actually read them.

Second Bolded: No, I do not.

Third Bolded: I'm aware it's possible to believe in different solutions to the same problem, thank you.

Here's a life lesson for you: never discuss in ignorance. It's obvious you haven't done any research into the topic (you admitted as much regarding European gun laws), so why do you continue to act like you have some informed opinion on the subject?

Fourth Bolded: I admit I'm stubborn. I admit my flaws, but you're pretty stubborn too to not want to read up on the subject you're discussing.

Don't tell me your ignorance isn't coming to play here.