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    Lonzo looking trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba313 View Post
    Except Shady and I disagree on plenty of things. We just don’t go running to Stuna when we lose an argument.
    While your making that charge be sure to mention how you kept responding to my posts and then said that I was trolling you and that I was passively aggressively insulting you. Then Tuna deleting our conversation. All I did was speak directly to the moderator and asked him why my posts were deleted because that clearly showed that I did not do we you charged. My complaining to the moderator as you characterize it was me stating exactly that. When your opinions are not accepted as fact you get triggered. Frankly, it you ever need a second job you can always mentor teenage girls on how to be " Catty " then you try to " shade and burn people " I have a teenage daughter and am guardian of my teenage niece and geezus you put them to shame
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    We're going STREAKIN' *throws the mic down*

    1. Great defense always beats good offense: Despite 19 assists the Knicks kept Luka Doncic mortal; suffocated other shooters. Uncharacteristically Doncic limited himself to 17 shots while playing 38 min. Usually you'll see Doncic shoot 28 times especially when the Mavs are down. I just think the Knicks did a fine job shutting down Doncic's sweet spots on the court.

    2. The Road Warrior: Native Texan, General Julius Caesar Randle played the entire game 41 min. Dropped 44 pts (16-29 shooting), 10 rebounds, and 7 assists. This guy is a machine. Think about the conditioning and good health of a guy who has played every game all season long.

    3. Quiet Porzingis: Nearly played the whole game (38 min) with an economical 8/20 23 pts 12 rebounds and 2 blocks. Last 10 games KP averaged 22.4 ppg 11.1 rpg and 1.6 blocks.

    4. Streakin: Knicks won their 5th straight, ascending up to the 6th seed which takes them out of the BS 1 game playoff series with the 9th and 10th place team. Knicks look to be settling in the 4th or 5th seed, possibly lining up against the Celtics.

    Great win. Not too long ago the Knicks hit a rough patch, then came out like an animal.

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