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    JD out as President, Gorton out as GM, Drury new President & GM

    Dolan has now fired Team President John Davidson and Team GM Jeff Gorton and hire Drury to take both of their places. After not making the play-offs, not providing this team with legitimate physicality and leaving our star players with out protection, Dolan has decided enough was enough. Question is will Drury step up and fire his good friend and fellow BU alum David Quinn. It has already been well documented how Drury went above and beyond to convince Quinn to take the HC job. NOW will he realize his boy wasn’t ready to be an NHL HC and fire him.

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    Awful. Massive upheaval at a bad time. John Davidson was born to be Rangers Team President. He was Team President for just 2 years. GM Jeff Gorton is a bit controversial. The Mac deal was awful. At the same time, he restocked the farm.

    While the statement that the firing wasn't related to the Tom Wilson issue, um it really was.

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