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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue6 View Post
    Actually, I do not dislike you or anyone here. Tragically, for the most part, we all want a lot of the same things for ourselves and our country. Finding a way to re-channel our efforts in concert might actually return us to the status of the greatest nation on earth. Currently I don't see how an objective observer could come to that conclusion.
    Good post. I can't disagree with any of it.

    Bolded……Ba da boom, ba da bing. (Although we are still the greatest nation on earth but we are teetering.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sluggo1 View Post
    They are interchangeable parts. They come and go. The owner stays the same.

    Bolded……once again you prove that you know nothing about which you talk about. Mr. Consistency.
    As I’m sure you tell them anytime they ask for a raise or a break.

    I genuinely feel sorry for your workers.

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