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    Broncos OT Ja'Wuan James loses $20M due to protesting voluntary workouts

    3 Weeks Ago:
    [Pelissero] Another NFL memo to clubs tonight noted a primary incentive for players to show up to voluntary workouts: Get hurt at the team facility, you have injury protection. Get hurt elsewhere, you don’t and “a club will not be responsible for the player’s compensation or other benefits.”

    [Adam Schefter on Twitter] Broncos' OT Ja'Wuan James suffered a season-ending torn Achilles working out today away from the team facility, per sources.

    [Schwartz] Oh man ... the amount of NFL players that don’t understand the CBA rules regarding injuries away from the facility. And the reason why Denver might take his money is the “boycott” of the offseason program. He got hurt while boycotting the offseason program. His $ is gone.

    Players continue to not care about their own health and wellness as they refuse to participate in workouts with the best equipment and trainers in the world at NFL facilities, choosing instead to hurt themselves at their own workouts.

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    [Garafolo] So here is the union’s counterargument to the NFL saying Ja’Wuan James was hurt away from the team facility. The NFLPA is saying he was “under a program recommended to him by his coach.” No idea if that would hold up in a grievance over the money but that’s their stance.

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    I dunno, I feel like he should get his money as long as he wasn't doing something forbidden in his contract (i.e. some players aren't allowed to play basketball or flag football).

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