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Yeah I literally acknowledged every point in your post in the one you quoted.

My question is ďis it repeatableĒ? Because it has to be if we are going to roll out another team as strong as this years.
It might be. I donít know but I look forward to finding out. Iím just stating what needs to happen in order for us to roll out a better team than last seasons, without paying Ray and semien.
Not quite, but thats fine. Ive pointed out that Atkins has proven he can find mlb talent on the cheap. Even without Ray, Berrios, Manoah, Ryu and Matz probably lines up as one of the best, if not the best rotation in baseball and even without Semien, we have one of the, if not the best, line ups in the AL. And outside of the White Sox and Rays we are probably in the most desirable situations in the AL, with a ton of money to spend and a GM who seems to be able to find talent, especially on the cheap