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    Durant, Irving, Harden, Jordan, Griffin, Aldridge

    KD, Drew, Beard, DJ, Blake, LMA

    Where are all the Nets fans ?!!?!:!?!!:!?!!!!!!?!!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaVar Ball View Post
    KD, Drew, Beard, DJ, Blake, LMA

    Where are all the Nets fans ?!!?!:!?!!:!?!!!!!!?!!!?
    Interesting, the greatest team of all time talent wise, in my opinion, and the least number of fans.

    I wonder if these guys ever imagined how unloved they would be when they came to Brooklyn.

    As good as they are, no one cares about them and no one will be rooting for them.

    A ton of people will watch them play, but none really rooting for them.
    It's going to be interesting to see how it affects them when they are playing only for themselves.
    Not well, I imagine.
    Altho' this year, with potentially no fans in the stands for anyone, the lack of a passionate fan base may not be a factor.

    As far as the players themselves:
    Harden has never played well in the post season - will that trend continue or will he surprise us and play clutch just as he surprised us with how well he adapted to a new role in the regular season?
    You never know what you'll get with Kyrie. Will he bother even showing up. He seems to have lost his stomach for the game.
    And Durant. The odd I don't play for championships comment. Will there be any fire in his belly come post season?
    All this and no fans to support them, they'll have to muster all of their desire from within.

    While on paper, these guys are awesome and are a can't miss watch. What are the odds that they can summon up the desire and maintain their focus thru four playoff series to win it all? The odds are they will be out hustled and out desired at every turn. Doubt if their talent can overcome that.

    It will be interesting
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    Nets suck
    Only 1 Infinity stone left

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