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    Quote Originally Posted by Freezee View Post
    You mean Russell, right? Or you talking about Zach?
    I was referring to Zach in that instance

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyben36 View Post
    I have come to the conclusion that we are going to look back on this draft as one of the worst QB drafts ever..... Simply because of how high up everyone is going to get pushed. Fact is only 1 or two guys max typically become FRANCHISE type QBs. But there are going go be 4 or 5 drafted in the range that they are expected to be. The fact is Lance should be looked at like Jordan Love last year and sit on a playoff team with a QB in place. Mac Jones should be a 2nd round pick. But these guys will probably end up taken in the top 15 ish area meaning expectations are so much higher.

    And honesrly what are the odds we get 3 top 15 QBs out of this draft. Probably pretty low.
    This is exactly how I feel. After Lawrence and Miller, I don't think that any of them are typical first round talent. The need is driving them to the top, and they will likely disappoint.

    Likely top ten QB picks
    Lawrence (1)
    Wilson (2)

    in no particular order to finish out the top 10

    I'd be looking for a QB a few rounds down the road. Maybe, just maybe we can get a Mills, Trask, Newman, Mond, or Franks type of guy in the 3rd or 4 rounds. There's even a couple that would likely be there in the 5th, in Buechelle or Ehlinger

    I'm glad we are not picking in the top 5 because I don't think anybody after Miller is worth using a pick that high on.

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