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Which is irrelevant to the cancel culture lol.

Companies reaction to cancel culture will vary. I donít think anyone has argued differently and the specifics will matter in how easy it is to let go etc so thatís to be expected.

It still isnít getting to the problem being pointed out, the pressure from those trying to cancel to take said actions. If the company fires or suspends or doesnít rehire can all be examples of cancel culture. With kap it was the potus and millions of people calling for boycotts etc to pressure the company into action. For the guy in the car itís everyone calling in to complain about him due to the out of context photo. Sure companies may be justified in their actions in response but it doesnít change the ridiculous cancel culture making it into a problem in the first place.

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Itís not irrelevant. For instance, take your guy making the gesture. Obviously, itís a bit of a stretch to determine that dude was giving a ďwhite powerĒ sign. Either way, itís up for interpretation. But letís take it even farther. Letís say the guy put a confederate flag and Nazi bumper sticker on the truck. Would the company be wrong to react?

Cancel culture is about limiting someoneís opinion simply because you disagree with said opinion. Companies have to maintain a certain standard for the public. The personal ideals of those employees should not matter.