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two issues can coexist. Trump and conservatives can not agree with kaep and his antics. The 49ers owner can be fine with it. The only person who has the power to cancel kaep would be the 49ers owner and i suppose the other 31 owners for not signing him to a deal. But why would an nfl team not put winning above the desires of others? Makes no sense. If this is what happened, if kaep was canceled, that is wrong. I donít believe he was canceled. I believe like many nfl players it was a combination of overvaluing his worth and abilities combined with his ability to be paid more money as an sjw. That seems more plausible to me.

Iím bringing up lebron to show i can disagree with someone politically and still value them for their craft. Lebron has probably even done/said more than kaep in the political spectrum. I almost always disagree with his politics. But itís exclusive from his ability to dominate on a basketball floor. Thatís the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives disagree with policies or someoneís politics. Liberals think conservatives are bad people.