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    Regular season paper champs. I don't trust Gobert in the playoffs.

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    Windsor, Earth's Rectum (as reported by Stephen Colbert).
    Anybody who doesn't take them seriously is a fool.

    That said, the curious thing about their performance thus far, which has been stellar, is the number of BLOW OUTS they have. They are dominating teams.

    The overwhelming majority of their wins are double-digit wins, and many are over 20 points.

    This will NOT be the case when the playoffs roll around.

    So the question will be: how do they respond to close games? Will they be able to close out?

    A team that wins 55 games, many of them by 2 or 3 points where they were down going into the last two minutes are better prepared to win than a 60-win teams who blew out most of their opponents and who don't have experience closing out.

    Look at the Bucks the last couple of years as an example.
    Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?
    Because he heard the refs were blowing fowls.

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    Feb 2021
    They're a great offensive and defensive team, but without the presence of that main guy they're going to need a lot of luck on their side to win the title.

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    Jun 2019
    They better now, Ilyasova to the Jazz!

    I wasn't sure where else to put this lol

    Per Jordan Schultz

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBA all the way View Post
    They better now, Ilyasova to the Jazz!

    I wasn't sure where else to put this lol

    Per Jordan Schultz
    Yeah I just posted on the Bucks board that Ersan signed with the Jazz. I thought he could of been a vet minimum option after the trade deadline pick up if we did a two for one trade or something.

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    i don't think he makes the rotation baring an injury, but honestly having someone who could even theoretically cover a PF is kinda nice.

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    Dec 2008
    The Jazz are what they are and its not a knock on them... They could be special but it all depends on Dmitch. Look at him during the sixers game. If he puts his ego aside and drives/facilitates and doesnt just chuck they could go far but he is their teams worst enemy when he goes cold which is more often than it should be. I was never his biggest fan but he is extremely talented... I just hate the stupid notion that shooters should just shoot until they come out of it. Anyone got his Shooting PCT or TS in all 8 losses this year?

    Edit- Nvm I will post

    First loss he shot-6-23 with 2-9 from 3p
    2nd loss he shot-9-23 with 3-8 from 3p
    3rd loss he shot-10-22 with 3-8 from 3p
    4th loss he shot- 8-23 with 2-10 from 3p
    5th loss he shot-12-27 with 4-11 from 3p
    6th loss he shot-11-26 with 2-9 from 3p
    7th loss he shot-7-21 with 1-8 from 3p
    8th loss he shot-12-34 with 5-12 from 3p

    the jazz have lost 3 of 4 and in the span he has shot

    30--82 with 8-29 from 3p

    He is the teams worst enemy instead of just realizing **** isnt falling lets find the hot hand. He learns that this jazz team will beat anyone out west... I could understand this hero ball **** if they didnt have 3 point shooters across the board but they do... When **** isnt falling drive and kick it to them or find them period. With how many of those losses that were close he takes say he takes 7 less shots in most of those losses and dishes it out and the jazz hit 3 or 4 of those 7 shots which they are capable of from 3 they win every game except the nets game.
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