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I have Vaughn and Mendick as virtual locks.

That said, Collins may still be in the running for back-up catcher, although Giolito appeared to endorse Lucroy in his post game comments. Lucroy looked a bit shaky behind the plate, but that may have partially been due to Burdi who was wild.

If it was my call, I would rather have Collins as back-up catcher because he could provide another option for a left hand bat at 1B and DH.

So as of now, I have Lucroy not making the Opening day roster. However, we shall see how things develop as ST proceeds.

I also have Engel and Eaton as a RH/LH platoon in RF. So Eaton might have to grab a lot of bench as a platoon guy and he might not like that. If any player on this team is going to cause trouble it would probably be Eaton.
Mendick and Leury would be solid to have on our bench. They can both play just about anywhere but Catcher and 1B.

It'll be interesting what they decide with backup Catcher. It sounds like TLR is in favor of a veteran backup. The Catcher competition is going to be heated. Lucroy, Mercedes, and Collins are 7-11 1 HR 3 RBI's 2 BB's 0 K's. You have to imagine the competition has these guys super focused. They are all probably praying Vaughn gets left out, because that opens the door for 2 of 3 to make it.