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    Quote Originally Posted by vader817 View Post
    Yes...Wentz had his best years with Reich as his OC. If Wentz doesn't succeed in Indy then I guess you could label him a bust.
    Pretty positive they will succeed. The team is pretty dang good. I don't think Wentz is a bust and pairing him with the coach he did best with is probably helpful.

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    I didn't watch much of Wentz but the fact that he was sacked 50 times last year is ridiculous. He only played in 11.5 games, which makes that number even more ridiculous.

    I mean, I don't care how good you are, you're not going to be productive with a trash offensive line. Mahomes in the Super Bowl, anyone? How quickly that organization and fan base turned on that guy was remarkable. I don't doubt that he will be so much better in Indianapolis with an awesome offensive line and a stout defense.

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    Wentz & Stafford both have the same Conference Championship game ceiling.

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    Wentz is one of my favorite QB's for some reason

    hope he continue on the MVP path with Colts. love the fit

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