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    Quote Originally Posted by koldjerky View Post
    I guess Iím also looking at whoís running the show. In a vacuum, sure, I can get on board, but considering this team is pretty weak in a few areas and the GM running the draft, Iíd rather take shots at building the foundation of the team with multiple picks than drafting a QB, again, where heíll only be cheap for 4 years.

    As bad as Dallas was on defense, they were able to build a solid foundation and got a solid enough QB. They were rolling with Romo but building through the draft on the line and everything else.

    At this point Iíd rather roll with Hurts and take a flyer later this draft on a QB and use the rest on the foundation. Iím pretty sure youíve also stated before something similar before drafting a QB. Iíd rather take advantage of those cheap years of a talented QB than get one when the team isnít that ready to compete yet.
    Both approaches can work but I think adding a good QB on a rookie contract to a good team is more difficult because you won't draft that high. It comes down to this draft class to me. There will be a QB with great potential available. 2019 would have been different.

    If 2021 is a "transition year" anyway, why not evaluate two QBs instead of one?
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