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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronz View Post
    Only does it at a higher level, for a team thats already a contender thats a boon.

    Hes insane for wanting that team to upgrade further.
    Just for the hilarity of it. If they win I want the asterisks next to all of Durant's rings to give him the night sweats.

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    Any relevance to the Drummond for Otto Porter talk or nah?

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    If Drummond goes to the Raptors they would essentially have to give up Powell in a trade package along with other players

    And Powell is essentially playin at an All Star like level in these past few games for the Raptors scoring 20 plus points in his past few games

    I mean could Powell become an emerging star? Or a future All Star? It's possible and if I'm the Raptors do I really want to give him up?

    I would give up OG in a package especially over Powell

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