Here are two young defensemen just waiting out there for the Red Wings to take a chance on them. I know DeAngelo is seen as having some warts but from what I have read, a lot of it comes from his political views, which shouldn't even be a factor in the decision. He is a bit of a hot head and can take some stupid penalties but I would gladly take that emotion on this vanilla team we have right now. The dude puts up points (30 and 53 the last two years), he holds up in his own end (+6 and +12), and most importantly he can score goals from the backend (15 last year). Steve needs to take a chance here.

As for Dunn, the kid is still young (24) and he is a very nice player. In the last full season he had 12 goals, 23 assists, for 35 points. He is also a +15 and +14 in the last two years. Our defense right now is so bad: Hronek (6pts/-4), Staal (2pts/-3), DeKeyser (1pt/-1), Nemeth (1pt/-5), Stecher (1pt/-2), Djoos (1pt/-1), and Merrill was our best defenseman before he left with 1pt and +1. We need to take the chances with these young guys.

We have a lot of good young prospects coming up to pair them with: Seider (20) RHD, Antti Tuomisto (20) RHD, Jared McIsaac (20) LHD, Albert Johansson (20) LHD, William Wallinder (18) LHD, Donovan Sebrango (19) LHD, Dennis Cholowski (22) LHD, and Gustav Lindstrom (22) RHD. Put Dunn and DeAngelo in the mix and you have a pretty darn good core of young guys.

Finishing the year out after signing these two would look something like this:

Dunn (LHD)/DeAngelo (RHD)
Merrill (LHD)/Hronek (RHD)
DJoos (LHD)/Stecher (RHD)

Trade: DeKeyser, Nemeth, Staal as soon as you can and for whatever you can get. All of them are playing like crap.