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Thread: The Infield

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    The Infield

    So, picken's are looking slim right now for infielders so why not just get to it with the youngster movement? The latest articles say Paredes is going to get 2B time in spring training and at first, it kind of pissed me off but after looking at his work (internationally) at 2B, the kid can play there. He was a solid 3B in my opinion and I really didn't want to move him but Candy is a pretty good fielder there as well. My thing with Candy was he looked more relaxed at the plate when playing 1B but now that he put up the year he had last year, I think he will be alright at 3B now. So, this leaves us with the highly touted Spencer Torkelson. This guy isn't going to be a 3B, not defensively. So, lets end that charade now and get him to his final destination 1B and he needs to play now, not playing this save years of service crap with him. The guy is supposed to be the goods, so lets play him!!

    We need to go the route of the Trammell/Whittaker days and let the young guys develop together. Sprinkle some vets in (Ramos, Grossman, etc...) and lets get on with it.

    1B- Torkelson
    2B- Paredes
    SS- W Castro
    3B- Candy

    Don't be afraid Al, it's not like you are trying to even field a contender this year so let the young guys dive in the pool.

    **BTW- forgot to mention Paredes has a .994 fielding percentage at 2B in all leagues (mostly international- where the fields are bad) in 74 games. He has a respectable .963 FP at SS in 272 games and a .963 FB at 3B in 235 games. The kid can field the ball. I really hate that they mention his weight every time they talk about his fielding and needing to move. It's just weight discrimination. Who cares what he weighs or looks like if he can field the ball. Stupid argument the only the Tigers would stick to when discussing a prospect. I love the kid and think he will be solid in the field no matter where they play him and that includes SS.
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