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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Because of, you guessed it, Tom.
    Bull ****. He was slinging picks like Winston yesterday and they still won.

    They're a damn good team with any competent QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blams View Post
    One hundred percent disagree

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    Antonio Brown has 3 catches in the playoffs... Gronk has 2.

    The most beneficial addition to their postseason success is Leonard Fournette who was claimed on waivers IIRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullseyed View Post
    With the rumors that Brady hates Arians and wants him replaced, it would be funny if BB went to Tampa.
    I think he'd rather want Doug Pederson. Without certain decisions that had been made in SB52, Brady would already have a 7th ring.

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    Lyin' Shady Tom Brady. Great QB? Sure. G.O.A.T? Not after lying about destroying his cell phone in the midst of cheating allegations, getting suspended which was also upheld by a Federal judge who also claimed Brady's excuses "didn't make sense" and it was more than likely he was involved. Ole lyin Tom tried to say he destroys all of his cell phones, however "One problem: Tom had an even older cell phone he didn't destroy. So the NFL kind of saw that as a weird "anomaly" that, without a rational explanation, made for some bad excuse-making."
    All facts Brady apologists seem to sweep under the rug.

    Rings alone don't determine a G.O.A.T qb, especially when you've had top 10 defenses throughout your career and hall of fame WR's and TE's helping you get there. Pats teams were always well coached with a good roster. When Brady went down, Cassel led the Pats to 11-5.

    Tampa Bay is most definitely stacked. They have one of the best offenses in the league WITHOUT Brady that any good QB would get them to the playoffs. Using the argument of look at NE now with Belicheck and Cam Newton is stupid. That's the reason Brady left, because he knew he couldn't win with that roster. I've watched enough games to see Tom Brady looking "normal" and "defeated", then all of a sudden he gets bailed out on a non holding call or pass interference yadda yadda yadda and he's allowed to make the same throw over the middle to a wide open guy any legit NFL qb would make if they had the time, weapons, and help of the refs.

    The G.O.A.T is the one who changed the way the QB position was played. The G.O.A.T is the one who didn't need a system, he WAS the system. The Sherriff aka the G.O.A.T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manbearchef View Post
    I think you're overrating Fournette a good bit. He's literally a low YPC RB who occasionally has a big splash play. He was below 3.5 YPC in 8 of 13 games despite having weapons all over the offense that defenses had to respect. I have no clue what % of his carries were against 8+ in the box, but I can't imagine it's very high.
    I'm not necessarily talking this year, more career to date. He's had Bortles for 2 seasons (1 he was injured for most of) and then a split Minshew/Foles year. Then a relatively late add to a Bucs team during COVID offseason.

    He's shown he can do 1200 yards a season in relatively weak offenses, and didn't light it up in Tampa this year, for obvious and predictable reasons.

    He's not Henry or Cook or CMC or Chubb, but at this point he seems to be as good as Zeke.

    Give him a real offseason in a capable offense (that isn't overloaded with talent like Tampa) and he'll be a top 10 RB guy, consistently. You'll say that you can get that cheaper, but the consistency is the part that isn't cheaper. You can get an RB to put up 1200 yards on the cheap, but not one who will do it multiple seasons in a row.

    At which point you'll say that Fournette hasn't done it multiple seasons in a row, because you've already forgotten the first half of this post.
    Dak: 17,634 @ 66.0%, 7.7 per att, 106+24 TD, 40 INT+34 FMB, 97.3 Rate
    Wentz: 16,811 @ 62.7%, 6.7 per att, 113+8 TD, 50 INT+58 FMB, 89.2 Rate

    Quote Originally Posted by manbearchef View Post
    I'll eat a shoe if BB is still coaching in 5 years.
    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Sticking to traditions:

    IF Wentz is a Philadelphia Eagle in 2021, he will be the starter. If not, bye bye PSD, I'll leave.
    "Hater" is a term used by weak minded people in the face of legitimate criticism.
    -Scott van Pelt

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