It seems this COVID set up is really causing issues for teams with injuries or COVID related issues so teams are already looking to fill spots. I would say Steve is going to have to stay on his toes all ready to see if he can get some picks or prospects from teams. I the Penguins are already looking for a defenseman (Nemeth/Stecher?) and others are looking for a goalie (Bernier might be attractive with a good start), and fill in players for the roster (Glendening, Helm, Filppula, Gagner) so get what we can early since most teams view themselves as "having a chance" and we know we are back end still even with a good start. It's all about the next two years, IMO. Fill with young and sign FA over the next two summers.

I'd love to see a Nemeth to Pittsburgh for a second or third in 2022 (The Penguins don't have many in 2021) or Calle Clang and say Nathan Lagare with a 6th round pick. Why not completely try to fleece them and shoot for Sam Poulin.

Also, interested to see what we could put together for Pierre-Luc Dubois? Will it take a Bertuzzi and some young ones? Really don't know at this point.