Last season may have seemed a fluke and it just looks like theyíve learned from last seasonís playoff debacle with a new leader at the helm in Ty Lue.

No joke but Luke Kennard has probably becoming the most underrated acquisition of the offseason in the NBA. He just fits so perfectly with what the clippers do. I also think the chemistry is much better with Ibaka compared to Trez.

Paul has something to prove and Kawhi is quietly doing Kawhi things as always. Marcus M is back into the fold of things.

From an all around perspective, health wise and motivation wise and the way they are dominating teams, the clippers to me right now look like the best in the West with the Lakers (still healing from just a 2 month championship layoff) as a close 2nd as they try to incorporate 5 new pieces to their rotation.

Right now, Ty Lue is my leading candidate for coach of the year.