Two things I have read lately made me think of an opportunity that Steve may have to get prospects or picks in a complicated trade. One, Vegas is still having issues maneuvering the cap to keep the players they want on the roster. Two, Edmonton is not getting any goal tending and is really in need of a quality one.

So, here is my thoughts but I am unsure if the Wings are allowed to do it or not.

1. The Wings trade for Marc Andre Fleury (also picking up Jack Dugan and 2nd round pick in 2021) picking up all his salary ($7M for 2 years). Wings would give up Helm or Glendening in the process.
2. The Wings in turn trade Marc Andre Fleury (eating say $4M a year of his salary- IF THIS IS allowed) to Edmonton for Raphael Lavoie (C/RW), Phillip Broberg (D), and Ilya Konovalov (G) or some picks instead of prospects.

Is this something they could do? I am not as familiar with the NHL trade guidelines as I am with a three team trade in baseball. Just wondering out loud.

In essence, the Wings by eating $4M or $5M a year for two years end up getting a 2nd pick in 2021, plus Jack Dugan, Raphael Lavoie, Phillip Broberg, and Konovalov to add more prospect depth.