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    Quote Originally Posted by blams View Post
    Its almost like making the finals every year is a great accomplishment and no one else would have come remotely close to 10 of 11 years in the finals

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    oh you... stop it... you know making the finals is a bad thing per the lebron haters because jordan is 6-0 even though jordan was what exactly in the playoffs without pippen? yeaaaaa we cant talk about that because it doesnt fit the lebron hate narrative... I have seen some hated athletes but never have i seen someone excel like lebron with the hate this man has recieved and the double standard he has lived and people say well that is super star life except it isnt.... its lebron life because not a person in the world gave a **** about jordans short comings without pippen but yooooooooooo lebron finals record against mostly better opponents lmfao

    example the first post in this thread was lebron has no pressure because he just won a championship and others followed that **** up like they havent watched basketball since 03 when the man was drafted... when he was screwed out of mvps and dpoy awards because he was so great they just expect and take for granted the greatness and then if he doesnt do it all like only he can they say welp he clearly isnt the best... jordan would have done it..........
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