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You're leaving out a few very important factors. He's been here for almost a decade, it's HIS team, he's won a championship here and the love between him and the city is reciprocal. I have a hard time believing he wants to walk away from the empire that he literally built. The whole culture of the Raptors is literally embodied in Kyle Lowry.
All of that is true. But none of it will be diminished if we trade him to Philly. Or to a contender that he would be happy to join. He will still be celebrated as the groat raptor, he will still have his number retired, he will likely even get a statue at some point. But we really are headed towards the end of that era as a franchise, it t ended with a championship which is the best way for any team era to end but weíre starting a new era with a new core that we just committed too and I think we gotta look toward building a contender with them for the next 5-6 years instead of just looking at this season or next when we clearly donít look like a contender and time is ticketing on Lowrys career. This is almost the best happy ending there could be. Send the guy home to a contender and I think he is most def happy with that.