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Honey, you wish you were capable of "making fun of me." All you do is take every opportunity to try and troll a single playerósomeone I remind you doesn't even play for the Rockets anymore. It's not bullying. It's just pathetic trolling.

OK, I'll bite on this. Assist-turnover ratio is a garbage stat, because people like you make assumptions that it's all about playmaking and poor passes. But it's not, because it doesn't account for offensive fouls, something Harden usually is toward the top of the league in.

Let's compare James to someone like Steph Curry for a minute using a different statistic: assists per bad pass from 82games.com. Compare Harden's last season in Houston in (19-20) versus Curry's last full season in Golden State (18-19). What do we find? That Harden's assists per bad pass (4.7) is higher than Curry's (3.9) and that Harden unsurprisingly committed significantly more offensive fouls (52) than Curry that season (14).

(Additional note here: But it's also really hard to account for the times Harden drove to the basket and had it stripped or lost it on the way to the bucket. I don't have the time to compare number of drives between the two, but I can pretty much guarantee Harden's dwarfs Curry's.)

Given that Harden is taking way fewer shots and has been more of a facilitator this season and less of a go-to scorer in Brooklyn, it's pretty easy to to see why the guy is posting a career high AST-TO ratio (2.73). His offensive fouls (8 total in Brooklyn) are way down as his FGA are the lowest they've been since his last season in OKC. If you drive less, you turn the ball over less, and few players in the league drove more and drew more contact over the last decade than James Harden.

See all my notes above. You're using a single stat to try to ignore literally dozens of others that prove how dominant Harden has been over the last decade. And I just showed how imperfect turnovers are a statistic to try and prove poor playmaking.

Also, Melo is a terrible comparison. Because Harden drops 30 on a fraction of the shots while also averaging 8-11 assists per game and leading some of the league's most efficient offenses. There's a reason why, despite being toward the top of the league in turnovers every year, every offensive statistic on the planet still recognizes the man's greatness. Like, for example, that he's been top 5 in the entire league in OWS for 10 straight seasonsóyou know, a stat that accounts for turnovers.

So, please, get over yourself with your assist-turnover rhetoric. Now that he's proving his dominance in that statistic, you're going to have find some other nitpicky crap to try and hang your anti-Harden hat on.
Not gonna lie, I stopped reading right after this. I tried responding in a genuine fashion to your last attack but it's just not worth my while anymore. Stop crying when I make fun of you because you bring it on yourself. Enjoy your shrine and beard trimmings you probably stole from Ames Harden's trash bin.