Now that Giannis is off the table for 2021...look for the market to heat up on James Harden or a lot more teams will want him. James is not happy in Houston but the Rockets have more leverage than Harden does to keep him. Harden is still under contract for 2 more realistically they can hold on to him but if they do, Harden could do what AD did and sit out. Or he could force his way out by demanding a trade like what PG13 did.

But the thing is, Harden's trade value is high. Because you can bet teams will have to give up the farm to get Harden. But after the Giannis extension, where does Harden go?

Trade destinations

1- Brooklyn Nets
2- Philadelphia 76ers
3- Denver Nuggets
4- Miami Heat
5- Toronto Raptors
6- Minnesota Timberwolves
7- New Orleans Pelicans