The other teams that have come up LAKings also does make sense as they are rumors to be with Dustin Brown or Jeff Carter coming, both are not in “our age range” and are making too much money, in Brown’s case he’s not even a center. Anaheim as well, the rumor there is Adam Henrique or Davis’s Backes, again players not in “age range”. I saw a non-reporter bring up Hampus Lindholm on a staight up deal. Which makes the most sense in that Lindholm makes 5.2 mil.—ADA is a 4.8 mil. one is lefthanded the other is right. ADA is offensive, Lindholm is defensive. But again it was a non-reporter and to tell you the truth if I’m Ana. I would want more because obviously the RANGERS are trying to dump ADA and everybody knows it so why would I as Ana. not try and jerk the Rangers into including more in the deal.