Well, what a ride the 2020-2021 season was. From looking like we were in contention to snag Trevor Lawrence at one point, to 7-9 and division champs (a failed 2pt conversion from a .500 season). I, for one, was not expecting that at all. The team actually seemed competent down the stretch and looked like they found a formula to at least remain competitive. With that being said, obviously "The Team" needs to improve quite a bit to actually make some noise in the playoffs moving forward. What would your ideal offseason look like? FA Signings? Draft picks? Trades? I will start with mine:

1) Address the QB position - I know this has been said for years and years. But as always, this should be the priority. With competent QB play, this team was above average. I mean they competed with the Bucs who have unlimited weapons and a fairly solid defense. That is with Taylor Heinicke starting (who did a solid job by the way). Will Alex be healthy enough to return for an entire 16+ game season? Do we bring back Heinicke and give him a shot? Draft? Trade? Free Agency? Obviously all options should be considered. But my take is, bring back Heinicke and also look to upgrade via Free Agency. I really respect Alex and can appreciate all he went through to get back on the field. But at his age, I don't think he will be able to take the toll of an entire season post injury. I would love to see Deshaun Watson in Burgundy and Gold, but we aren't paying that price. We can't draft another QB as I don't see any prospects who will be NFL ready available at our pick. This team needs a QB who is ready now, so go get one. I am also assuming Dak will be franchised if nothing else. If not, then make a run at him he would fit nicely with our build.

2) Uprgrade at WR and potentially TE depth - McLaurin is a stud. Logan Thomas showed flashes of being a reliable TE option. Both Sims had up and down years. But this team lacks playmakers. It is one thing to have a great QB and average talent, or great talent and an average QB. This team is stuck in the middle with average talent and average QB play. Adding another piece to play on the outside would be huge. There are potentially some solid options hitting Free Agency without new deals done or being tagged. Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, Kenny Golladay, and JuJu Smith-Schuster to name some. Of course I don't expect half of these guys to hit Free Agency, but if one or two do then the Team should try and acquire one (the tried Amari last season and I expect them to do the same here). At Tight End, Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith will be available. I am not sure I would target Henry with his injury history and money he will demand. But Jonnu Smith may be a solid target. Someone to pair with Logan Thomas.

3) Bring back Scherff - Brandon is a solid building block on a decent offensive line. I would like to see the team lock him up, but that all depends on the price. I would not pay him 18-20M a season, but mid to low teens I would consider. The line cant afford to lose him at this point.

4) Upgrade the LB Core - Holcomb provided decent play when he was available, but Bostic, Pierre-Louis, and Davis aren't going to cut it. I think this is a position that the draft would suit well. Getting some more young talent to help an aging position. There has been speculation that Collins may be asked to move to LB with the emergence of Curl as the box safety. I actually wouldn't mind it based on the way the game is trending, I think if he can pick up weight that Collins would be better suited as a LB. Obviously there is more to it than just gaining weight and being able to switch to a completely different position, but Collins does his best work closer to the line of scrimmage.

5) Kill the Draft - The team has done pretty well in the last few drafts, as long as ownership does not get involved. The obvious are players like Young, Payne, Sweat, Allen, etc. But the team has done well to get players like Kam Curl, Cole Holcomb, Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, Wes Martin, Jimmy Moreland, Tim Settle, etc. All of these guys were drafted in 2018-2020 and currently play a vital role on the team. Also, all were selecting in the 3rd round or later. Taking into account that different staffs and GMs were around during these periods, I hope they can continue to build it this way.

Overall, I believe if the Washington Football team can complete these tasks over the offseason (a big if as it is extensive) then they can remain competitive and in the hunt for the playoffs.