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If they had offered more to keep Grant, none of these loses would had happen but you thought he is just a replaceable role player that Denver don't need.

If Lakers had signed him over all those wannabes during the off season, game over as he would've been part of the 3rd headed monster with Lebron and AD.
The nuggets supposedly matches the Pistons offer and the Lakers couldn't even come close to matching what the pistons offered. Grant just wanted to be a #1.

Man Clarkson has been so good for us this year. 17/5/2 in 25 minutes on a 61.2 ts%. Millsap, Barton, and Harris were a combined 5-23. Offensive rebounds kept the game close for the Nuggets. Ill take a win over the nuggets however we can get it. i am a little worried about the Nuggets. their schedule has been pretty soft and Jokic is absolutely killing it out there and they are still under .500.