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    THe One Thing That Will Haunt The Giants For Years

    Beating Washington last year and losing the number 2 draft pick. While Andrew Thomas might turn out to be a very decent LT , Chase Young is special. He is in the mold of Von Miller and Khalil Mack, maybe he will even be better. I almost was going to say Lawrence Taylor but my finger froze up and would not let me type any longer.

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    I wasnít thrilled about that either, but to be fair to Andrew Thomas he made tremendous strides as the season went on.

    If we have our anchor LT for years to come I donít think we can complain.

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    Don't worry. He's got this.

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    Thomas made big strides. Young is an animal but it is what it is. We can find a good pass rusher and have a future stud LT Iím fine with it.
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