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    Kyrie being Kyrie

    Look I won't sit here and knock him for sitting out because we don't know what this personal issue is...and if we are being honest a personal issue isn't for the media to disclose or the fans to know about.


    This is not the first time Kyrie has ditched a team. He's done it to the Nets already last season when he would have played the Celtics for the first time since the trade. He's also taken games off while with those same Celtics like this.

    This isn't a surprise, and anyone saying otherwise is nothing more than a surprised Pikachu face. We knew this going in. We knew he was this type of player going in. He does not have a strong mentality with a lot of things. I will go as far as to say he is soft. Again, we knew this. So I cannot get on my high horse about missing a game because of unknown issues. If the Post is correct, (and I take that with a grain of salt) this could very well be because of what happened in Washington. I have no clue as to why he would sit out because of it. But again, it isn't a surprise. However, I also do not trust the Post as far as I can throw them. So there is that to at least consider. We already know Kyrie has issues with the National Media. But a fear, a real fear Nets players had when the trade happened was how he could possible handle the NY Media. A city that is already concisely against the Nets, as it is a Knicks town. Even on a good day, there will be articles that make fun of him...and KD. I would love to sit here and say he needs to get over it, he needs to have a thicker skin, he needs to stop letting everything bother him. But I know people like this. They can't. They tend to worry about anything and everything...and when there is nothing more to worry about, they make stuff up to worry about.

    I don't know the guy from a hole in the wall. All I know is that we all knew this was going to happen from time to time and still will happen from time to time. The "Next Man Up" mentality the Nets have right now is essential more than ever.

    LaVert has really stepped up, and showing why every team wants to trade for him.
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