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    Quote Originally Posted by SportsNutMike View Post
    I had doubts about Flacco as the #2....but he ran the offense last night pretty well.

    The thing that worries me is the Eagles offense will play one way with Hurts on the field and probably a completely different way when/if Flacco is on the field....Minshew can sort of play the same way as Hurts so the offense wouldn't change much...

    I don't know about the Watson theory....Having possibly 3 first next year - I think Howie's thinking he'll get his next QB of the future next season. Howie would be wise to let Miami go after Watson (if that rumor is true)....that deal would most certainly have to include Tua.....Without Miami having a real QB at the helm (unless you think Brissett can take them to the playoffs) next season their 1st rounder to us improves in our favor....
    Agree, I just don't trust Flacco with the ball. Unless we want a QB who has no qualms in trashing the offense to the media once we start losing games which we will, he should be cut. I rather have Minshew backing up Hurts but what we should do is trade for Foles who had an almost perfect outing yesterday which reminds me of his play in the SB. The Bears naming Dalton as their starting QB is just the dumbest QB decision after how he perform in Dallas last season. Its just as bad a decision as hiring McCarthy as HC after what happened in GB. The smart decision for the Bears is have Foles back up Fields who should start as their o-line is atrocious.

    We need to get Foles back (shouldn't take much since he is regulated to 3rd string by the Bears) to back up Hurts. Foles is not only a fan favorite but a hero in Philly who out perform Brady in the biggest game ever and then beat him again last season where he refuse to shake his hand afterwards. Poor sportsmanship and such a sour loser

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    Quote Originally Posted by QQQ View Post
    A 6th for minshew is great value in my opinion. Now I gotta get his jersey and grow a porn stash
    I still have my Foles away and SB 52 jerseys which I cherish. It's only a matter of time before he ends up on the Eagles again along with his clutch genes

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    Matt Pryor and a 7th traded to Colts for a 6th.

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