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Yeah, again, I agree with you (let's not make a habit of this lol). He has an adequate enough arm, probably middle of the pack in the NFL. I love this quote from Hurts from his pro day, "I canít get comfortable. I never will get comfortable. Enough isnít enough even after today, even after the combine. Iím just taking steps and getting better. Next time I get an opportunity to throw itíll just be me, myself and I and whoeverís catching. Weíll get work in and try to get better that day." It's encouraging that he said that, then was living it too as a backup last year (see the comments from Mills I think it was).

Good stuff...I hope he becomes the next Russell Wilson. It's not likely, but it's not impossible either.
Work ethic and intangibles, physical profile. I personally think dak is likeliest. I actually think him becoming dak is actually likely.