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Thread: The draft

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    Dec 2013

    The draft

    Maybe it is a little early but might as well start thinking ahead. Obviously it all depends on who we sign in free agency. We will be competing against both the Jets and Jaguars in Free agency , both of whom have a ton of money to spend.

    The Giants will be drafting 11th and we need help at wide receiver , edge rusher, offensive line and line backer.

    THe 3 top receivers are Ja'Marr Chase, Davanta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. Kyle Pitts is the top tight end .Will anyone of these be available at 11 ?

    The top offensive lineman is Penei Sewell who will be long gone at 11. Wyatt Davis and Rashawn Slater probably will be there.

    The top linebacker is Micah Parsons who will not be around at 11

    Greg Rousseau is a top edge rusher who might last but not sure . Kwitty Payne is a top DL but not sure if he is a pass rusher.

    I guess to the Giants favor there are 4 QBs who should go high , aside from Lawrence and Fields there is Trey Lance and Zack Wilson and I sincerely doubt that we will draft a QB in the first round even though I and many are not convinced that Daniel Jones is a franchise QB or even close to being one.
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    BPA (unless itís a RB, a S, or an interior DL)

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    Nov 2013
    I'm merely catching up with prospects, but I love that Joseph Ossai kid out of Texas and what he could be on the edge.

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    The Boogie Down
    Hoping for an edge rusher or WR.

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    Nov 2004
    I hope we take BPA but I also really hope the BPA is a #1 WR or a DE/DL who can rush the passer

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