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    Quote Originally Posted by dbacknick View Post
    On the fence with him. He's a change of pace RB, but I'm still leery of him not hanging onto the ball in a big spot. Won't miss him if he's not there next month.
    Same here. I like the guy, but Jacobs and Drake are going to get most of the touches this season. Ragas showed anticipation, vision and decisiveness in the preseason opener. Haven't seen any of our backs since Kaufman have that. If that's truly part of his tool kit and not just a one-off thing, I'd probably keep him and trade or release Richard in time for him to catch on elsewhere. Like I said, I like Richard, but it's not like he's a perennial All Pro selection or cult favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderLakersA's View Post
    Just a hunch, but I think Gruden looked at his hand and knows that he's only going to keep 3 QBs around anyway. He'll probably let Mariota and Peterman play the bulk of the preseason games with Carr getting no more than 3 quarters of work during all of the preseason stints. If someone gets injured during the preseason, then he'll pick up someone. Lots of QBs out there who can run a vanilla Gruden offense in a pinch.
    I agree. Just saying that was the message I got from the cut was that mariotas injury was not serious. Since everyone knows we can’t really trust what people say about injuries at this time of year haha

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    Coney signed.

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    Josh Rosen was just cut. Just wait he’s got Gruden project written all over him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueFan420 View Post
    Josh Rosen was just cut. Just wait he’s got Gruden project written all over him.
    I should know this and if I was a more dedicated fan of the game I would know, but what are the rules for practice squad eligibility? I wouldn't be surprised if Gruden added him as another reclamation project.

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