First off, they are NOT expected to do anything. That is classic headline bait for comments like mine.

Second, it's sad to see Dinwiddle get hurt like this in this type of year with high expectations. Plus I do see them trying to replace his numbers. However, keep in mind this entire article is derived from one sentence:

"...“I think Brooklyn will look to trade for another point guard,” another Eastern Conference executive told HoopsHype. “They could look to move Spencer with a pick to get a player..."

That's it. Some guy's opinion. Going out on a limb there right? LOL. No major source, no connected names. Just some random exec's opinion. Also, can we acknowledge they are suggesting trading Dinwiddie with a major injury for a pick. I am so glad this person is not the GM. He'd be fired on the spot. The #1 rule: YOU DO NOT TRADE LOW!

So in other words, take it with a major grain of salt. LaVert has potential to replace Dinwiddie's numbers as long as he stays healthy. So basically all they really need to do is replace LaVert's numbers off the bench.