Don't get me wrong, I am not against a Pascal Siakam trade. This is simply an article once again throwing crap onto a wall to see what sticks for the sole purpose of clicks and comments. Like mine. But if they were to deal something like this. Siakam is the main scoring option there. Would LaVert, Allen, and Prince do it for Toronto? I doubt it. The money works, but stranger things have happened.

Not to mention, while Siakam would be a welcome sight of defense the Nets desperately need. One would have to consider that the only reason there are articles even suggesting this is because he has had a hard time since last season ended. On top of which the Nets would need to do more work in finding the replacements they will lose here. Dealing LaVert is not something you just do because he is the current trade chip because Dimwiddie is down.

Would I do this? I had once said the only person I would deal LaVert for in a package is Beal. I still feel that way. But with that possibility all but gone. I might, if only to take the scoring pressure off of Siakam to be the guy night in and night out and have him feel more relaxed while dealing with the defensive side. Then again. You are destroying the 2nd team on the Nets if you do this. It's the same argument as Harden. Is the upgrade worth the cost.