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    Quote Originally Posted by smith&wesson View Post
    To me itís very cut and dry. You can be Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton if you want too. But no one, and I mean absolutely no one gives praise to a player that stays with the same team anymore. Itís a thing of the past. Also Reggie is legit the only who didnít try to go and team up with other stars. Barkley did, Malone and Stockton did... they just failed.

    I think by now players & fans realize there is no loyalty. Teams are not loyal to players and players therefore have no dier need to be loyal to teams. Derozan was a Raptor for 10 years. As loyal as they come and he was shipped off for a 1 year rental of Kawhi. John Wall was shipped off for RW. Beal thinks the Wizards are loyal? To who? Him and only him? If he was 31 they woulda packaged and sent him out pronto.

    If a player is elite and is on a team thatís not giving him a chance to win, itís pretty much a far gone conclusion that he will leave and if he doesnít itís his fault. Thatís why I donít feel bad for Beal. Itís only his fault that heís stuck there and wasting his career. No one elses. But hey maybe one day Wizards fans will say things like Beal is a wizard for life.. I guess thatís the consolation prize.
    When did Stockton go and try to team up with other stars?

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    maybe too strict, but he is no longer the player he was and it looks like his teammates find it hard to play along him

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