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Ever since we got Birch the team just looks tougher to beat. Itís not like heís an elite big but heís bringing so much more to the table at 5 than anything we tried all season. Add the fact that we can make some off-season moves, and add talent through the draf, + the team could come home, I think itís going to be a nice bounce back year.
I don't see y'all as tougher to beat ever since Birch got there. Y'all still have a lot more work to do especially on the defensive side of the basketball. In order for this team to be relevant again especially next season, y'all are gonna need more depth. Case in point Birch is a free agent this summer. But then so is Lowry. I mean you should get rid of Hood, Baynes and then GTJ is a free agent too.

But even so which people you bring in to make y'all a playoff team again?

Then as far as the draft, comes down to luck of the draw as far as ping pong balls go and then deciding on who y'all are gonna draft.

The Canadian government won't let y'all play at Scotiabank Arena for some reason but yet they let the Maple Leafs play there. But if the Canadian government still can't even let y'all play at home, then y'all have to find another home yet again or you stay in Tampa for yet another year.