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I really don't think they are trying to win. If they were, why would they rest Lowry tonight with FVV already being out. Trae Young is out, and Gallo is doubtfull. That would be a very winnable game for us if we were infact trying to win. Sitting Lowry gives us a decent chance to lose and I think that's a strong indication. He isn't injured.

Also its not really the core that that people are dogging. Its the lack of a supporting cast, like a starting C and Bench. We dont have an 8 man rotation for the post season. Its more like a 6 man rotation which is extremely thin.

I think its a blessing that we have a pretty decent core in place, and have the opportunity to further add talent in the draft.

And I agree with you these guys are running on fumes. They need a break.
For sure Lowry has been resting a lot more than needed. Itís actually a relief. Masai seems to get it. I was really worried he would not be down for the losses and we would end up losing our standing.