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    Quote Originally Posted by GibbyIsMyHero View Post
    Is it possible that we could bring back Verrett and still use our first two picks on CB?

    If we could fill the QB hole in FA or trade with a low cap hit, bring back Williams, extend Warner, we could get two very good cost controlled corners and our defense would be ridiculous.

    Verrett and Surtain on the outside with Shaun Wade (who’s slipping down draft rankings) playing some safety and/or nickel CB?

    Sounds like a stretch, but we’re returning an offense that has tons of weapons (health willing). Aside from re-signing Williams and Warner, secondary and QB are our highest priorities right now, IMO.
    I'd go interior OL in the 2nd unless Trask is there. Farley or Surtain in the 1st for me. I think Trask can be very good, but I want to sign Dalton to a 1-2 year contract

    WR-AJ Brown, Hakeem Butler
    TE-TJ Hockenson
    LB-Devon White, Blake Cashman
    CB-Joejuan Williams
    S-Dieonte Thompson

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    Surtain is the smart move... but Kyle and Lynch aren't interested in winning... so who cares...

    they'll be happily mediocre.
    It's time to start winning right?

    Playoffs and Championship droughts...

    SF 49ers - 5 years no playoffs, 24 years no championship
    LA Lakers - 6 years no playoffs, 9 years no championship
    LA Kings - 1 year no playoffs, 5 years no championship
    SF Giants - 2 years no playoffs, 5 years no championship

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