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Thread: The Tampa Trade

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    The Tampa Trade

    I think we can all feel a Tampa/Detroit trade coming but I have reservations unless Stevie can get a lot more than people think. He really doesn't need to make the trade but if he can get some valuable pieces in the deal, I think he would do it. Here are three trade projections that I think would work out for us:

    1. Big Package: Detroit receives Tyler Johnson, Alex Killorn, and one of Anthony Cerelli, Erik Cernak, or Cal Foot with a draft pick to coincide with who we get (Cerelli 4th round, Cernak 3rd round, and Foote a 2nd rounder). Tampa gets Luke Glendening and Alex Biega back.

    2. The Johnson Deal: Detroit gets Tyler Johnson, Cal Foote, and a 1st rounder for Evegeny Svetchnikov and Alex Biega

    3. The Killorn Deal: Detroit gets Alex Killorn, Alexander Volkov, and a 1st rounder for Luke Glendening and Taro Hirose.

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    More on the Tampa possible options for trade. The Red Wings have an opportunity, due to Stevieís payroll magic, to pull off a pretty good haul to make us competitive now but also allow us to filter in young guys in the future. As mentioned before, I think we can take on both Tyler Johnson and Alex Killorn along with getting some valuable assets for later. Well, how about adding in another player that a cap strapped team seems to be trying to rid themselves of right now. Max Pacioretty seems to be available on the cheap from Las Vegas. Iíll break it down below but we needed goal scorers and by doing this, you add 72 goals from what they did last year and 69 goals per their yearly averages. So, say you just added 65 to 75 goals and give up virtually nothing as you will see below. Yea, your taking on salary and age but really, Johnson is the only one who could hurt us a bit long term. He has 4 years on his contract and seems to be tailing off more than the other two. It is still worth it though.

    So hereís the final deals as I put more research into it:

    Red Wings get: Tyler Johnson, Alex Killorn, Cale Foote, and a first rounder in 2021

    TB gets: 3rd round pick (later of our two) in 2021 and 5th rounder in 2022

    Red Wings get: Max Pacioretty and a 2022 3rd rounder

    LV gets: 2nd rounder in 2021, Svechnikov, and Cholowski

    Basically, we are giving up two picks in the 2021 draft (2nd/3rd) and one pick in the 2022 draft (5th) and getting back Johnson, Killorn, Pacioretty, Foote, and a 1st in 2021 draft, 3rd in 2022 draft. We will still have two 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks and a 3rd round pick in 2021. Not a bad trade off.

    Now lets look at the contracts we took on and do they really hurt us more than the players help us? First let me start with all three guys are still productive and they only have 3-4 years left on their contract with none of them going over the age of 34. In my opinion, this group of players can contribute 3 more years in some fashion to what they are doing now, so again, not a bad trade off. We can also look to trade them for assets on the last years of their deals to get more picks or younger players.

    Max Pacioretty- he is the most expensive, but he is also the most productive. If he can continue to produce close to his average of 29 goals per year (say 25), then this helps us now, but also helps us at the trade deadline of the last year of his contract when we can get assets for him.

    Alex Killorn- He is only making $4.45M which really isnít bad for a guy who scored 26 goals last year. Will he continue to produce 26 goals? Iím not sure. He averages around 20 a year so even that will help this hockey team. He can also help us out at the trade deadline of his final year. Teams are always looking for experienced goal scorers. BTW, he had his best year last year at age 30 so maybe he is getting better?

    Tyler Johnson- Here is why we are getting some picks and prospects back. His $5M a year contract for 4 more years is bad, BUT he is the type of player you can still use. He is very interchangeable in the lineup and in those last two years, I think he could still help out on the 4th line. Yea, at $5M it will be tough but as these older guys leave, we have young guys coming in so we shouldnít even notice the $5M till itís gone and we can spend it again.

    Year one with these guys in the lineup:
    First, we will need to clear up a bit of cash to get these guys in so we need to move Glendening, which should be easy to do. Second, we will need to put Zetterberg onto the LTIR and spread the $6M out a bit. If there is anyway to move Helm or Filppula, we do it but I am anticipating we arenít able to do it.

    Line One:
    Pacioretty, Larkin, Mantha Ė Man this could be a great line. It would get fans excited I know that.

    Line Two:
    Killorn, Namestikov, Burtuzzi- Another good line with a great blend of scoring and toughness

    Line Three:
    Johnson, Fabbri, Ryan- This is the best third line we have seen in forever and could get a lot of points

    Line Four:
    Helm, Filppula, Zadina- Yea this sucks for Zadina but injuries will allow him to move up lines in the year

    Extras: Gagner, Erne, Nielsen, G Smith, Hirose, Brome, Rasmussen

    Defensive lines:

    Extras: Biaga, Lindstrom, Foote

    Year two with these guys in our lineup:

    If we havenít traded them at the deadline last year, we have a lot of cap coming off in 2021. The following players all become FA: Staal ($5.7M), Helm ($3.85M), Filppula ($3M), Nemeth ($3M), Bernier ($3M), Weiss ($1.6M), Ryan ($1M), Erne ($995K), Merrill ($925K), Biega ($875K), and Gogner ($850K). All told it is about $30M reduced and I think Hronek is the only player we will need to sign.

    A couple moves we should make in the off season:

    1. Trade Bertuzzi: I know, he is one of my favorites too but obviously the Wings arenít enamored as much as we are since they didnít really even offer a long term deal to him this off season. We need a goalie and there are some really good young guys out there that we could get along with another prospect for Bertuzzi. Here are the young guys that are ready or just about ready to play in the NHL and can filter in some games behind Greiss: Daniil Tarasov and Veini Vehvilainen from Columbus, Cayden Primeau from Montreal, Connor Ingram from Nashville, and Jeremy Swayman or Dan Vladar from Boston.
    2. Sign Kyle Palmieri (4@$26M- $6.5M average) for offense
    3. Sign Ian Cole (2@$6M) and Jamie Oleksiak (3@$10.5M) for defense
    4. Start the young guy movement into the lineup

    Line One:
    Pacioretty/Larkin/Mantha- should be as deadly as last season

    Line Two:
    Killorn/Namestikov/Palmieri- should be even better with the addition of Palmieri

    Line Three:
    Fabbri/Veleno/Zadina- Young line that should be very effective

    Line Four:
    Johnson/Rassmussen/Smith- More rugged line with some scoring added in

    Extras: Beggren, Grewe, Nielsen, prospects ready?

    Defensive Lines:

    Stecher (if not traded or in for Dekeyser), McIssac, Seth Barton, Malte Setkov

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    I'm all for eating bad contracts for picks. TJ and Killorn for a pick and prospect works well with me.

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    Me too LionsFan. I mean when you look at their contracts, they aren't all that bad, it's just TB is hurting on the salary cap. It's not like these guys are Frans Neilson. They are still very productive and not even that old. The two contracts end when they are only 33 years old. That's not an ancient player so I expect they will still be productive for most of their contract. I had to laugh the other day when I was looking at the TB contracts, almost all of their longer term guys contracts ended at or just after they turned 33 so they obviously have a system to not pay once players are older than 33.

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