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    In your Fridge, Houston, Tx

    What the hell is going on in H-town?

    This team has dealt with two different owners, two different coaches, and now two different GM's - but the same-old lessons still aren't learned.

    • H-town has a bad habit of one-and-done'ing players who turn out to be gems after they're dealt
    • Houston still has a reputation for treating their players like cattle, very few have anything nice to say after being dealt out
    • The organization seems to have a bad habit of happily swallowing poison-pill contracts - we now hold the biggest and worst contract in the NBA in John Wall
    • We spent season after season building a team with the sole purpose of countering Golden State - who then turned around and tanked, making those moves pointless and the Rockets vulnerable to bigs and surprise surprise, BIGS are back and post-play is slowly making a comeback

    We're taking a low-cost gamble on Cousins, who's basically a question-mark in terms of "is he who he was, or diminshed?"

    We're now taking a high-cost gamble on Wall with the exact same question.

    ...and Eric Gordon is STILL somehow on the roster... because NOBODY wants him elsewhere.

    Are *any* of those moves going to convince Harden to want to stay, or are we going all in for another potential cripple? I mean... let's go full absurd and take on D-Rose while we're at it, right? (This statement was pure sarcasm if it wasn't obvious)

    Between the SJW nonsense, Kung-flu nonsense, and a complete binning of the team we had - I'm not so sure I even care to watch this sport I once loved for 30 years. It's been a quarter-century since Houston has reached the promised land, and don't be surprised if it's another quarter-century before we have an owner, and a GM and a PLAN that'll get us even close to it again.

    These are dark days in H-town.

    C'mon... somebody shine a glimmer of hope in all this nonsense.

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    The 6
    How’s about 7 first round picks as a glimmer of hope. + Wall, Oladipo, Wood. We coulda came away a lot worse.

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    Clutch City
    Do anyone know why we didn’t get Allen in the deal and how protected that pick OKC have.

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