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    Quote Originally Posted by crewfan13 View Post
    Not to be that guy, but this draft isn't all that different from last year besides love. We took stokes because King is a FA next year. No guarantee he plays right away e or even much at all. Which is similar to Dillon last year. Degura was a sneaky need last year. I didmt like the pick, but no one knew Tonyan was going to break out. I like Amari for sure and he immediately slots into that Ervin/Austin spot. But yes still behind MVS and Lazard on the pecking order. But both guys can be FAs next year, so it's definitely an eye on the future need to. Myers most likely slots in at C almost right away.

    And honestly, that's what the Packers have pretty much always done. Unless your picking near the top, you shouldn't count on a ton of snaps from your rookies. Myers may play alot. Once Bak is back, its possible Patrick beats him out though too. Stokes could win the CB2 job, but I also wouldn't be shocked if he was a CB4 and special teamer in year 1. Rodgers could be an instant difference maker, but it's also somewhat likely he's a 400 rush/receiving yards type guy. Cobb's rookie year he was a returner and had 380 scrimmage yards. I wouldnt be shocked it that's Rodgers if everyone stays healthy at WR.
    Totally disagree with your analysis. Stokes was drafted to replace King. Yes, he may not be the week 1 starter, but he has to be an upgrade over King. Myers likely starts at Center immediately. Amari Rodgers is a big upgrade over Lazard and MVS. Granted, we can't expect 800 yds in his rookie season, but he's a major talent upgrade at the position.

    Dillon was not even the 1st backup RB and Degura was a 5th round pick that we drafted in round 3, because he might not make it to our 5th round position and we traded away our 4th, so couldn't acquire him 20 picks before his allotted draft position. We got next to nothing from the 1st 4 rounds last year. We'll get more from Amari in return yards than what last years class contributed.

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    I sure hope the dust settles we do some salary cap magic with Adams and Rodgers so we can sign a Geno Adkins or Griffith or someone to help along that DL. I truly think we are those two things away from being scary good. Better than last year by a wide margin.

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